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My experience with David Montz Management was awful.Not only did this company make poor decisions on my behalf, never sent statements (until I asked repeatedly), never told me when a repair was done, but they also rented my property to someone with dogs after I specifically said no pets.

They also rented it for a lower price than what was in the contract and never got a pet deposit. I was told that the renter had great references when in fact had to be evicted after only 4 months after one month of payment. I was told this was a friend of one of David's friends. I believe references were never checked.

The end result was my property was torn up, carpet had pet damage and stains. David Montz never even looked at the property after all this occurred. Finally, I had to wait to get the deposit back from them. Just another fine example of their customer service.

Long story short, this tenant cost me several thousand dollars and I never heard a word from David Montz about what happened. I am so very thankful that this business relationship is over. Beware if you are not a big company as this place does not care. Also I would advise to get everything in writing as well but in my case, this clearly didn't matter either.

I could say more about some of the things that occured but hopefully enough has been said.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Park on Cambridge, they have for years managed this property. They were fired and now the new owner hired them back. Montz is easy to manipulate as they bend to what the "board" desires (which is least amount of money to spend).

We have to make do with Montz as we have for years and I do mean YEARS.

As a business owner, I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND Montz as a management company and if their real estate business is the same, I wouldn't recommend them neither.


:) I recently had a problem in my unit and David Montz Management was wonderful.I had no idea that we had such limited funds to use on our complex.

They helped me find a contractor to complete repairs to my unit.They were great.

Acacia Gardens, New South Wales, Australia #140072

I love David Montz Management...they manage our complex and do an excellent job with very little money.

I realize that our board of directors is really the ones that are in charge of our complex and all the management company does is do what the board tell them to do.

Thank God we have such a great company squeezing every dollar that we give them to create a great place to live.BRAVO

Budapest Xxi. Keruelet, Budapest, Hungary #101103

I have to second both of these comments.David Montz management is no good.

They do not respond to phone calls, emails, etc.

My friend is a realtor and they said that have a poor reputation as realtors as well.Their management of our condominium that we live in is sub-par at best.


David Montz Management is worthless.Phone calls are never returned.

The property looks like ***. All they want is money. They are the worst property management company.

The office staff is very unprofessional and they always have an excuse as to why something was not taken care of.Two thumbs down.

Camden, New York, United States #5338

David Montz Mgmt manages my townhome complex and they are all but useless. They do not return phone calls, do as little as necessary to maintain the property, and the only time we hear from them is when they want money. If your co-op is looking for an association, avoid David Montz Mgmt.

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